Ellis Island Experience

Every wonder how we got saddled with our last names?

Wonder how your family actually came to America?

What it was like?

Are you or your organization looking to have a really fun and interesting program where you can learn about…

  • The Ellis Island Experience? (I’m the author of The Ellis Island Experience: A Sampling of  Stories and How You Can Research Your Own)
  • How We Got Saddled with our last names and what can we learn about ourselves from them?
  • Perhaps you would you like an oral history interview or help researching your family’s history?
  • Are you looking for a Jewish Story Teller?

This is what Barry Nove can do for you and more…

All Jewish Genealogy and Presentation Services are offered a la carte.

Barry Nove speaks across the United States. He is currently based in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Barry has researched his family history since 1994. He has been a member of Jewish Genealogy Societies across the country and is currently a member of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Washington DC.  He has been a featured presenter at congregations, Jewish Nursing Homes, Independent Living Communities, Jewish Community Centers, and Day Schools. Barry is an of author of short stories, including one on the Ellis Island Experience, which recently won an online prize.

His specialty is speaking to audiences of 20 to over 200!

Expertise includes:

  • The Ellis Island Experience,
  • “How We Got Saddled with Our Last Names,”
  • “Jewish Genealogy 101,”
  • Family history research and oral histories,
  • Online research techniques, and
  • Jewish Story Telling!

Member of Jewish Genealogy of Greater Washington

Proudly Serving: Washington DC, St Louis, Philadelphia.

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