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Looking to Bring the Ellis Island Experience to Life?

Barry has re-enacted the experience with children at Jewish summer camp, brought the story to life for families, and senior groups across the United States, even presented research techniques to Jewish Genealogy Societies as a featured speaker.

Looking for someone to offer a Jewish Genealogy Shoppe at an event?

Barry has developed fundraising techniques around synagogues seeking to connect with families by promoting consultations with talks on Jewish Genealogy 101 techniques and beyond.

Looking for a Jewish Story Teller who has original Jewish tales to tell?

Barry has performed his original Yom Kippur and Sukkot tales to children and families for over 10 years… and tells traditional Jewish tales as well.

Looking for someone who can train your audience in online research techniques, connecting them to their family’s past?

Barry’s done that too for Jewish Middle School students, Young Leadership groups, and many individuals seeking to connect to their family history.

Looking for someone who can write a lovely fictionalized short story (2,000 – 3,000 words), essentially a snapshot of your family’s history?

For example, Barry can create the story of your family’s coming to America, incorporating documented facts, historical knowledge, and family stories.

Barry can not only provide you that, but with your permission may one day seek to include your family story in his current Ellis Island Chronicles Project (for which he is currently seeking a publisher).

Expertise includes:

  • The Ellis Island Experience,”
  • “How We Got Saddled with Our Last Names,”
  • “Jewish Genealogy 101,”
  • Family history research and oral histories,
  • Online research techniques,
  • Jewish Story Telling, and More!

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